The Alpine Convention

The Alpine Convention is an international treaty signed in 1991 by the eight Alpine countries and the European Union to pursue a coordinated protection and sustainable development of the Alps.

Since its early beginnings, the Convention has focused on research and data collection. The Alpine countries established a System of Observation and Information on the Alps (SOIA) as a tool to collect, manage and disseminate transnational information on topics of interest for the Alpine Convention. The aimof the SOIA is to enhance communication on the research and observation activities carried out at Alpine level by disseminating results and data, as well as to foster integration among Alpine countries in the research sector.

The Atlas

One of the most relevant activities within the SOIA is the Alpine Convention Atlas, which enables the management, visualisation and dissemination of Alpine-wide data collected in the scope of the Alpine Convention's activities. The Atlas focuses primarily on geospatial information (layers and maps) but it also includes documents, datasets and much more.

The project team

Project management and supervision: Stefano Della Chiesa, Aureliano Piva;

Concept and content: Stefano Della Chiesa, Aureliano Piva;

Development: Simone Tritini, Andrea Vianello (Eurac research, Center for Sensing Solutions);

Funding: The development of the Alpine Convention Atlas was possible thanks to the financial support of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology

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