Alpine protected areas
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This map shows all the protected areas in the Alps gathered in the ALPARC database.
It includes national parks, nature reserves, regional/natural parks, particular protection status areas as well as the UNESCO protected areas.
Courtesy of ALPARC alparc.org

Publication Date
Europe , Alps
PSAC - Permanent Secretariat Alpine Convention
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Data Is Updated As Deemed Necessary
A use of data is not allowed without the prior express written agreement of ALPARC. The publication has to fulfill the criteria of nonprofit publications. Please contact info@alparc.org
Data Quality
Data on the Alpine protected areas is compiled in the ALPARC database annually, the updates and insertion of new geometries only concern the protection categories listed on the legend.
Supplemental Information

Data on the Alpine protected areas is compiled in the ALPARC database annually.
Data from different national and regional authorities and protected area managements for delimitations of Alpine protected areas (> 100 ha)
This map makes no claim to be exhaustive.

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vector data is used to represent geographic data

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